Store large files on your web space

Your web space is a great place to store important files! On your hosting account, you may quickly upload, download, and share different text files, photos, graphics, etc. Having these important files on you hosting account will provide a secure back up in case your desktop hard disk crashes and deletes all your work for example.

On your SiteGround FTP hosting account, you may easily upload the files you wish to store online. You can also be confident that they are well protected. SiteGround makes weekly backups of every server to make sure that your work will not be lost. You may also request affordable custom backups to protect your latest uploads.

How to upload files on my web space?

The answer is FTP! This is the fastest and easiest way to upload any file on a server. You may read how to upload content via FTP below:

Don’t forget that you may always get assistance from the SiteGround support team when uploading your files via FTP!