cPanel 10 Tutorial: Fantastico

How to install/uninstall an application using Fantastico

Fantastico is just how the name implies it's fantastic. It's one of the most popular 3rd party add-ons that can be purchased and added to cPanel. Fantastico is probable one of the most advanced script installer we've ever seen. Currently it can install a large amount and array of scripts, ranging from bulletin boards to content management systems. Fantastico comes FREE with each SiteGround web hosting account.

One of the key features to Fantastico is how easy it makes installing programs and scripts. Simply by selecting a program or script to install and offering a small amount of information for each, a user can have a program or script installed within a matter of minutes and sense the system is designed to update these programs with the newest version on a regular basis, users can be assured they are getting the latest stable version of the software and that it's installed correctly and properly.

To access Fantastico, click on the icon above the word Fantastico on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

Fantastico Extras

Fantastico offers a set of tools that will help you easily manage your scripts. Please, scroll down the list of tools offered and you will find the Extras menu

Language - This option is used to change the default language set by the administrator of the server. Current Languages include: Dutch, English, French, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish

Side Menu Appearance - This option can be used the change the side menu appearance.

Full List - The full list option is normally set as the default and is used to list all the programs that can be installed and used in one long list categorized by the type of program each are.

Drop down menus - The drop down menu option is used to list the three main categories, Navigation, Scripts and Extras. This will display each main category as a drop down menu users can select from and then select go. This is useful for users with a slower connection and do not want to load a large amount of information at once.

Email Notification - Users can submit their email address in this section and the system will email them when a new script or program has been installed, modified, or even updated. If it's been updated it will inform the user so they can login to the system and update the scripts that are currently installed to the newest versions.

Installations Overview - This section will display the current scripts or programs that are installed, there location and version number.

Navigation - This menu has two links, one for the cPanel home page for that account and one for the Fantastico home page for that account. These are normally located at the top of the page.