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Static Cache Option Tutorial

Static Cache Option Tutorial

The Static Cache is suitable for all kinds of web sites. It is enabled by default for all SiteGround shared accounts. This tutorial explains how the static cache works, how to enable or disable it and how to flush its cache.

How does the Static Cache work?

Our Static Cache caches all the static content of your website including your Images, CSS files, JavaScript files and plain HTML documents. Thus, your visitors load such content from the cache instead of the server directly. The cached copies are stored in the server’s RAM and they are delivered much faster because the RAM access time is much faster than the SSD access time. Static Cache optimizes content delivery, speeds up slow sites and increases the number of hits a site can handle.

Static cache is automatically flushed each 3 hours, so that if there are changes made during this time they become available to your visitors. If you need you can also immediately flush the cache through the cPanel SuperCacher tool.

How to enable/disable the Static Cache?

You can enable or disable the Static Cache from your cPanel -> SuperCacher. Just select the Static Cache tab and click on the On/Off button for the desired website.

You can also disable the Static Cache for all your websites at once by clicking the Disable all button.

How to flush the Static Cache?

If you need to flush the Static Cache for your website, access the SuperCacher tool and go to the Static Cache tab. After that click on the green Flush Cache button next to the entry for your website.

You can also flush the Static Cache for all your websites by using the Master Flush button.

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