Softaculous: Install Scripts Tutorial

Learn how to install scripts with the Softaculous tool in cPanel

This tutorial explains how to install a script from the Softaculous auto installer. In the example we will install WordPress which is a popular blogging application. You can choose, however, from hundreds of scripts in the application.

Choose a Script

First, access the Softaculous tool from your cPanel's main page. Then, pick the desired application either from the list of Top Scripts or from the different sections of applications on the left side. In our case we will install WordPress, which is in the Blogs section.

This will bring you to the script's overview page. From there click the Install tab.

Fill in the Installation Details

On the installation page you need to fill in the installation details - protocol, domain name, installation directory, administrative login details, etc. By default Softaculous will select your primary domain name and it will attempt to install the application in your main web root folder - public_html. If you want the new installation to be in a subfolder you should type the name of the folder in the In Directory field. You should also use a strong password for the administrator user for your application. This way you will ensure that an attacker cannot guess the login credentials.

Finish the Installation

To install the script scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Install button. Usually all applications are installed for no more than 15-30 seconds. However, some of the apps are bigger and their installation may need some more time.

When everything is configured the Softaculous installer will display a page with links to your newly installed application. Click them and you should see your new website and the administrative area of the software.