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Softaculous Overview Tutorial

Softaculous Overview Tutorial

Softaculous is a 3rd party auto installer add-on which is installed in cPanel on all SiteGround hosting plans. Softaculous offers more than 230 applications and scripts and it allows you to install them with just a few clicks. Currently, it can install a large number of applications and scripts ranging from bulletin boards to content management systems and even Java Script libraries. To access the tool, click its icon in cPanel’s main page.

Once logged into Softaculous, you simply need to select an application from the list located at the left column and follow the steps given in the Install tab. The chosen application will be installed on your SiteGround web hosting account within minutes. The Softaculous system is designed to keep these programs at their newest versions so that each time you install an application, you can rest assured that you are getting the latest stable version of the software and that it is installed and working properly.

Softaculous User Settings

Softaculous offers a set of tools that will help you to easily manage your scripts. You can access the User Setting from the top right menu. To do that click the Edit Settings button.

  • Choose Language – This option is used to change the default language set by the administrator of the server. Current languages include: Dutch, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Hungarian and Russian.
  • Timezone – You can change the timezone for the application from this option
  • Sort domains alphabeticallyIf enabled then the list of domains under the Choose Domain drop down menu on the install form will be sorted alphabetically
  • Backup Locations – You can configure the location of the backups that you can make from the Softaculous tool with this option

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