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Parked Domains Tutorial

Parked Domains Tutorial

Through the Parked Domains tool you can add parked domains to your account. A parked domain allows you to reach your domain when entering the name of the parked domain into a browser. You can use a parked domain to allow multiple spellings of a domain name to access a single domain.

Add a Parked Domain

To add a parked domain name to your account, first access the Parked Domains tool in your cPanel.

On the new page that opens, provide the domain name in the Create a New Parked Domain section and click the Add Domain button.

Remove a Parked Domain

The Parked Domains tool allows you to remove parked domains from your account. If a parked domain is no longer necessary, you can remove it without removing the main domain.

In the Parked Domains tool you can find a list of all parked domain names on your account at the bottom of the page. To remove a domain name, click the Remove link next to the entry for it.

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