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Backup Tool Tutorial

Backup Tool Tutorial

If you need to restore any files, folders or email accounts on your hosting account, you can do so using one of the daily backups we automatically create for your account or one of the backups you have made yourself, if any. To perform the restoration, go to the Backups Manager section of your cPanel and click on the Backup Tool icon.

Note that if you have a Cloud account, you can find our Backup Tool in the Files section of your cPanel. Cloud users can restore from up to 7 days back.

Choosing a Backup to Restore From

On the homepage of the Backup Tool you will see a calendar and different options for restore. The dates with available backups are marked with circles. When you click on a date with a circle around it, you will see a list of the available backups you can choose to restore from. Click on the backup entry you wish to restore.

After you select the desired backup date you will be able to choose what to restore from that backup.

How to Restore your Entire Account

If you are not sure which files or databases should be restored in order to revert you site to a previous state, we recommend that you use the whole account restore option. Note that this option will restore all files and databases in your hosting account. This means that if you have more than one website, all your websites will be brought back to their version of the date you have chosen. This function will NOT restore your emails – you can choose to restore them separately through the Emails restore option.

To restore your whole account, make sure the Full Account option in the Backup Type section is selected and press the Restore button under the backup summary section.

A pop-up will appear informing you that the restoration will replace all your current files and databases. Click the Yes button to confirm and proceed.

The restoration will begin and the pop-up will change indicating that the restore is in progress. Once the restore is completed the pop-up will disappear and you will see a confirmation message that the restore was successful.

How to Restore your Files

To restore only specific files from your account, select the Files option from the list of available restorations.

A new section named Files Backup will appear which shows a list of all the files and folders available inside the backup you chose. You can browse through the folders by clicking on their names. Once you have navigated to the desired location, you can choose which files and folders to be restored by using the checkbox next to each of them. Mark all the files and folders which you want to be restored and click the Restore button.

Then you will be asked to confirm that the restored files and folders will replace the current ones you have. Just click Yes  to start the restore.

There is also an option to have your files restored into a new folder without replacing current ones. To use it you need to click the corresponding link instead of the standard restore button.

How to Restore your Databases

Restoring your databases is very similar to the way you can restore your files. First, select the Databases option from the Select Backup Type section.

Now, you will see a list of your databases available in that restoration point in the Database Backup section at the bottom of the page. Mark the checkbox next to the databases you want to restore and click the Restore button.

Then you will be asked to confirm that the restored databases should replace the current ones you have. Just click Yes, and the old version of the selected database(s) will replace your current one.

If you want to keep your current database(s) too, you should click on the corresponding link instead of the standard restore button.

How to Restore your Emails

If you need to some email restore you can select Emails from the Select Backup Type section.

Then select the desired email accounts from the Emails Backup section and click the Restore button. Clicking it will only restore the email messages from the selected mail backup that have been deleted from your current mailbox. The restore will not overwrite or delete any of your existing messages. If the selected email boxes have been deleted in full, they will be restored with their passwords from the time of backup.

Check Restorations History

If you have performed any restores in the last 24 hours, you will see a special section Restores from the last 24 hours in the tool. To see the list of all currently finished restores simply expand this section.

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