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Backup Creation Tutorial

Backup Creation Tutorial

Apart from the system backups made by SiteGround, our users can create up to 5 backup copies of their account themselves using the Backup Tool in cPanel. The service is included for free in GrowBig, GoGeek and Cloud accounts. StartUp users can purchase such on-demand backup copies additionally in the tool itself.

To create your backup, go to the Backups Manager section of your cPanel and click on the Backup Tool.

Note that if you have a Cloud account, you can find our Backup Tool in the Files section of your cPanel.

Create Instant Backup

On the homepage of the Backup Tool click on the Create Backup tab. You can now back up your account in a single click – just name the backup for easy identification and click on the Create Backup button. Once the backup creation is completed, your new backup will appear in the Previous Backups table.

Restore from Your Backups

If you need to restore from one of your on demand instant Backups, you just need to click on the Restore button of the desired copy  and confirm the restore. This will restore the whole backup and will replace all of your current files and databases. If you prefer to restore specific items, just click on the link provided in the pop-up and you will be forwarded to the Restore Section of the Backup Tool where you can select which items you want to restore (see how in our detailed Backup Restore tutorial).

Delete Backup Copies

If you no longer need a backup copy you have created, you can delete it by clicking on the Delete button. You can use this option when you have reached the maximum allowed number of 5 copies but need to create a new one.

Note that StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek backups are kept for 30 days by default, while Cloud backups are kept for 7 days by default.

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