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Addon Domains Tutorial

Addon Domains Tutorial

Through the Addon Domains tool you can add addon domains to your account. An addon domain allows you to reach a domain when entering the name of the addon domain into a browser. This means that you can host additional domains in your account.

The Addon Domains tool is located in the Domains section in cPanel.

Add an Addon Domain

To add an addon domain name, first open the Addon Domains tool in cPanel. On the page that loads there are several fields, which need to be filled:

  • New Domain Name – the addon domain name, i.e. addondomain.com
  • Subdomain or FTP Username – this field is automatically populated when you input the new addon domain name, but you can change it if you want. In cPanel, when you create an addon domain name, a subdomain is added automatically for it, as well as an FTP user that has access to the document root folder of the addon domain. The information you put here will be the name of the new subdomain and the name of the new FTP account.
  • Document Root – the document root of the newly created addon domain name
  • Password – the password for the new FTP user that will be created
  • Password (again) – the same password as in the field above

Once you have provided the necessary information in the fields, click the Add Domain button to add the domain name to your account as an addon one.

That’s it! The domain name has been added as an addon one to your account.

Remove an Addon Domain

To remove an addon domain name, first access the Addon Domains tool in cPanel. You will be presented with a list of all the addon domains on your account.

To remove an addon domain name, click the Remove button next to the entry for the domain.

A new page will open, on which you will be prompted if you want to remove the FTP account associated with the addon as well. To proceed, click the Remove button.

That’s it! The addon domain name is removed from your account.

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