Backup Restore Tool

How to Easily Restore Your Files, Databases and Email Accounts

If you have purchased the Basic or Premium Backup Services extra feature to your SiteGround StartUp hosting account, or if your account is using one of our higher shared hosting plans GrowBig or GoGeek, you will have an easy and intuitive way to restore your files and databases with just a few clicks in your cPanel.

To begin, go to the Backups Manager section in your cPanel and click on the Backup Restore icon.

Once there, click on the Backup Type button and select whether you want to restore your databases, files or your emails.

How to Restore your Files

To restore your files, simply select the Files option from the list of available restorations.

Next, select the date you want to restore your files and folder from.

Now, select the content you want to restore and click on the right pointing arrow button to initiate the restore.

Once you do that, you will be prompted to review the content marked for restoration. Click OK to proceed.

Finally, select whether you want to restore the selected files and folders in their original location or in the one you've selected in the Current Files Structure section.

Once the restoration is completed, a popup with a success message will appear. That's it, the selected files and folders are now restored in the location you've selected!

How to Restore your Databases

Restoring your databases is very similar to the way you can restore your files. First, select Database from the backup type drop-down.

Next, choose a restoration point for your database from the Backup Date calendar drop-down.

Now, you will see a list of your databases available in that restoration point in the left part of the screen and your current databases on the right. Choose the database you want to restore and press the arrow button in the middle to proceed.

Our tool will ask you whether you want to make a copy of your current database before you restore it from the backup. It is up to you whether to select yes or no here. In both cases, press OK to proceed.

In few moments, depending on your database size, it will be restored from the selected archive!

How to Restore your Emails

The restoration process for Email accounts is identical with the one for your files and databases. First, select Email from the Backup Type menu.

Next, choose a date to restore your email account from.

Finally, select the email account you want to restore and click on the arrow button in the middle of the page.

That's it, your email account will be fully restored from the date you've selected. Note, that restoration may take longer for bigger email accounts.

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