Coppermine Fantastico Installation

On the SiteGround servers, Coppermine can be installed very easily. They are optimized to fully satisfy the script's system requirements and provide the best hosting solution.

SiteGround no longer provides the Fantastico auto-installer on the servers. The new installer now available is Softaculous. In extensive tests it has proven to match our outstanding service quality standards better, by providing more applications, faster version updates and better support. You can read more about why SiteGround now uses Softaculous in our blog.

For more information on how to install Coppermine with just few clicks, please check our tutorial on How to Install Coppermine with Softaculous.

If your host does not support auto installers, please check our Coppermine Manual Installation tutorial.

Also, Coppermine is included in the Fantastico auto-installation tool. In order to install Coppermine using Fantastico you will have to log in your cPanel. Scroll down to the bottom where you will see the Fantastico icon and click on it.

Coppermine Installation Detailed Tutorial

In the Fantastico application list locate Coppermine Photo Gallery, which is under the Image Gallery section.

A short description of the Coppermine Photo Gallery will appear. Click on the New Installation button to proceed with the install.

In the next few steps you will have to fill in some details regarding your installation:

  • The first option is selecting the domain or subdomain name under which you will be installing your Coppermine Photo Gallery. This is used only if you have more than one domain name for your account or wish to install Coppermine under a subdomain.
  • The second option is the folder where you wish to install Coppermine. If you wish to install it in the root folder of your domain so it will be accessible when you type you should leave that field blank. If you want to install Coppermine in a folder called gallery, it will be accessible at
  • These two fields are the administrator username and password you are going to use for your gallery.
  • You can input the name of your site here, a slogan and the e-mail address used for administration purposes of your gallery.

Once you have finished filling the details, press the Install Coppermine Gallery button.

After that, you should see a summary of the installation details made by Fantastico.

Bookmark the address provided in the summary and click on the Finish Installation button.

Well Done!You have successfully installed your Coppermine gallery through Fantastico!

SiteGround is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Coppermine Project or its trademark owners.