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How to use Cloudflare if your domain is not pointed to SiteGround?

How to use Cloudflare if your domain is not pointed to SiteGround?

If your domain name NS records do not point to your SiteGround hosting server and you want to use Cloudflare you have two options:

  • You can change your DNS name server records and point your domain name to your SiteGround hosting account.

You can find more information on how to do that in our detailed Knowledge Base article.

  • The second option is to contact your domain name registrar and ask them to change your WWW CNAME DNS record for you.

First, enable Cloudflare from your Site Tools.

Then you have to change the CNAME record for www.yourdomain.com to:


After that add the cloudflare-resolve-to.yourdomaindomain.com CNAME record, which should point to yourdomain.com. Make sure that the name of the DNS record is cloudflare-resolve-to.yourdomaindomain.com and the target is yourdomain.com, not vice-versa. It should look like as follows:

cloudflare-resolve-to.yourdomain.com. 1400 IN CNAME yourdomain.com

Replace yourdomain.com with your own domain name.

All DNS changes need up to 72 hours to take effect globally. After that, the CNAME record for www.yourdomain.com will be pointed to Cloudflare servers and your visitors will access your website through Cloudflare.

The changes must be performed on the authoritative DNS name servers. For example, if your domain name is pointed to:


this means that the above-mentioned name servers are authoritative for your domain name.

If your domain name is pointed to another hosting company you should edit the DNS zone on the remote server so that your domain name can be correctly pointed to Cloudflare.

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