How to Enable Cloudflare Tutorial

Learn how to enable Cloudflare for your website

The Cloudflare service is only used when the website is accessed with WWW. To use the CDN service fully and to always have your website served from the closest location to your visitors you need to reconfigure your website to redirect to WWW URLs. For more information, check out these detailed reconfiguration instructions.

To enable Cloudflare CDN for your domain name, first you need to login to cPanel. Once you login, find the Site Improvement Tools section and click on the Cloudflare icon.

Important!If you are on a Cloud or Dedicated hosting plan, the tool will be located in the Domains cPanel tools section.

On the next page, you will find brief information on Cloudflare and a useful comparison table that shows you the main features of the two available plans - the Free Cloudflare CDN Service and Cloudflare Plus.

To enable the Free Cloudflare service, scroll down to the list of domains in your account that you can use Cloudflare with and click on the Activate Free button next to it.

A pop-up will appear, asking you to provide your e-mail address. It is required by Cloudflare to complete the service activation. Provide a valid email address and click the Proceed button.

The pop-up will disappear and you will see another one indicating that the activation of the service is in progress. Once the service is activated your visitors will load your site from the nearest geographic location next to them!

Note, that if you want, you can directly enable the advanced version of Cloudflare CDN named Cloudflare Plus.

To do this, click on the Activate PLUS button. You can always upgrade from the free version to Cloudflare Plus.