How to Enable and Manage Cloudflare
How to enable Cloudflare Tutorial

How to enable Cloudflare Tutorial

The Cloudflare service is only used when the website is accessed with WWW. To use the CDN service fully and to always have your website served from the closest location to your visitors you need to reconfigure your website to redirect to WWW URLs. For more information, check out these detailed reconfiguration instructions.

Instructions how to enable Cloudflare for subomains can be found here.

To enable Cloudflare CDN for your domain name, go to your Site Tools > Speed > Cloudflare.

To set up your account, click on Set Up under Set Up your Cloudflare.

A new window will open, where you have the option to create a new Cloudflare account by setting up your email account and password. If you have an existing account, you have the option to connect it by using the Connect Existing option.

To enable the Free Cloudflare service, select your domain name from the drop-down menu and click on Activate Free.

You will see that the activation of the service is in progress. Once the service is activated your visitors will load your site from the nearest geographic location next to them!

Note, that if you want, you can directly enable the advanced version of Cloudflare CDN.

To do this, click on Activate Premium. You can always upgrade from the free version to the Premium one.

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