Redirecting to WWW

Why should you redirect your URLs to www

To use the CDN service fully and to always have your website served from the closest location to your visitors your website always has to redirect to WWW URLs. If your website cannot be accessed through www we strongly recommend that you reconfigure it.

How to do it automatically

We have developed a tool that provides automatic reconfiguration for all major applications as part of the activation of the free Cloudflare account. You can use it the following way:

1. To access the Cloudflare interface, you need to login to cPanel and click on the Cloudflare icon under the Domains section.

2. Click on the Manage button next to your domain to access the configuration page.

3. If Cloudflare Free is currently active for this domain name, you'll need to deactivate it first. Please note that if you're using Cloudflare Plus, you must not deactivate it.

4. Now, you can activate Cloudflare Free for the desired domain again.

5. Click Yes on the popup that asks you if you want to reconfigure your application

How to reconfigure manually

If you are using Cloudflare PLUS, or an application that is not automatically configurable by our tool, you can configure your website manually to always redirect its visitors to URLs with www and thus always be served through the Cloudflare network. For more information on how to do that, please check our article on How to redirect non-www URLs to www.

Additionally, some applications like WordPress, Magento, Prestashop etc. need additional configuration. For more information on specific apps, check out these tutorial pages:

If you are experiencing difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact our Support team! We will happily assist you with the reconfiguration of your site!