How to Use CloudFlare CDN with an SSL

The easiest way to enable the CloudFlare CDN service to work with your SSL certificate is to upgrade to CloudFlare PLUS.

Doing this, will allow you to enable the SSL support with a single click. All you have to do is to access Settings tab in your CloudFlare CDN management tool.

Once on that page, scroll down and set SSL Support to On. That's it, CloudFlare will now work with your certificate.

The free CloudFlare plan does not provide single-click SSL support. However, there are still two ways youcan use SSL with your Free CloudFlare CDN enabled:

1. If your private SSL certificate is valid for a sub-domain (for example, or you can disable CloudFlare for this particular sub-domain name.

The end result is that all visitors who access the SSL protected part of your website will not go to CloudFlare servers.

The rest of the visitors will be able to take advantage of the CloudFlare CDN.However, most of the private SSL certificates are valid for and

The question is how to use both your SSL and CloudFlare if your SSL is not issued for a sub-domain name.

2. As you probably know when you enable CloudFlare the system automatically edits your domain's DNS zone.

The DNS CNAME record for is pointed to CloudFlare servers.

This means that you cannot use SSL for your pages.

However, you can still use your SSL for your non-www pages.

The solution is simple - you have to reconfigure your secure SSL pages to use non-www links.

For example, if you have an e-commerce site you can configure the site to use

After that you can enabled SSL only for your checkout pages and configure them to use non-www links.

For more details how to configure some of the popular applications please check the following articles:

If you are unsure how to reconfigure your site feel free to contact our support team.