Create a Blog Site with Joomla

Learn How to Create Blog Site with Joomla

Joomla provides an extremely wide range of options for creating different types of content and for structuring it on your website. In this tutorial we would show you how to use it for a blog.

How to install Joomla?

How to create a blog site with Joomla?

Once you have installed Joomla you can start building your blog. First, navigate to the website's login page by entering this URL: Make sure to substitute with your own domain name.

There you should enter the login credentials, which you have chosen during the installation process. Then you will enter the Administration area of the Joomla script.

To start writing your posts in your Joomla blog, you should first make sure to create the corresponding category. You should click on the Content menu > Categories > Add New Category button.

For the purpose of this tutorial we would name the new category Blog.

How to start blogging?

Now you should create a new article via the Content menu > Articles > Add New Article button and assign it to the newly created category.

When ready, click on the Save and close button

After that you should make sure to assign the newly created category to your menu. For that purpose you should go to Menus > Main menu -> Add New Menu Item. Under the Details tab click Select in the Menu Item Type field and a pop-up would appear. Expand the Articles menu and choose Category Blog.

In the Choose a Category field, choose the Category you created in the beginning. In our case it is named Blog.

Click Save and Close when ready and your Blog is now visible on your website!