aTutor Features

This is the list with the most popular features for the ATutor users:


  • Security: The passwords are encrypted and the forgotten ones must be reset.
  • My Courses : Tutors and students are allowed to manage the courses they teach and/or are enrolled in.
  • Inbox/Messaging : The system supports messaging between the users. They can send and receive private messages.
  • Student Profile : Students can enter personal information like a name and a photo which will be displayed in their forum posts.
  • Work Groups: The implemented collaboration solutions allow the users to work together on a defined problem.
  • File Storage: All users can store and share their files through the system. A version control functionality is included.
  • Group Blog: Each group can manage their own blog.     
  • Communication Tools: ATutor offers different communication solutions like a private mail, discussion forums, chat rooms and a "User's Online" tool.
  • Test Manager: Students can make tests, check and store the scores.
  • Links Database: Web-based information can be added as links in the ATutor database.
  • Course Search: The courses content can be searched with the corresponding tool.


  • Instructor ATutor Handbook: A link to the ATutor Instructor documentation is provided in every section.
  • Guest Access to Courses: Guests can access private courses using a link, provided by an instructor. The course can be viewed, but it can not be modified by guests.
  • Course Tool Preferences: Instructors can pick only the necessarily tools for defined courses.
  • Content Usage: Individual statistics are provided in order to identify issues with the content coverage and the learning progress of each person.
  • Work Groups Manager: Different work groups can be created and managed by the instructors.
  • File Storage: File Storage functionality allows files to be uploaded, stored and shared with different groups of users.
  • Content Editor: HTML content can be created and published in the courses.
  • Visual Editor: A JavaScript based WYSIWYG editor is included in the application.
  • Reading List: A Reading List with external resources like books can be included by the instructors.
  • Backup Manager: The courses can be stored through the backup functionality.
  • News & Announcements: Instructors can post news and announcements to inform the students for the courses content and modifications. An RSS feed can be started.    
  • Polls: Polls can be used to gather students' opinions.
  • Forums: Multiple forums can be set for each of the courses.
  • Course Email: Bulk e-mails can be sent to different users.
  • Privileges: Tutors can promote students allowing access to different instructors tools.
  • Addon Modules: FAQ, Google Search, RSS Feeds, EWiki, ACollab, ATalker Text-to-Speech and SCORM Packages modules are included in the quick installer functionality.


  • Module Manager: Administrators can install, enable and disable modules. Some of them are included in the script's installation package. The others can be integrated additionally.
  • Patcher Module: Administrators can easily install different patches and security updates released by the ATutor developers.
  • Administrator ATutor Handbook: A link to the ATutor Administrator documentation is provided in every section.
  • Administrator Privileges: Specific privileges can be set for each administrator.
  • Pretty URLs: Pretty URLs can be enabled. This will ease the search engines in the indexing of the public ATutor courses.
  • Themes Manager: Themes can be modified and customized.
  • Automated Installer and Upgrade: An easy solution for the ATutor upgrade.
  • General Statistics: Shows system usage statistics.
  • Secure Course Content: Prevents unauthorized access to courses.
  • User Manager: Modification and management of users' profiles.
  • Enrollment Manager: Enrol students to courses.
  • Course Manager: Manage courses, assign instructors.
  • Backup Manager: Generate backups and download backups of courses.
  • Course Categories: Set courses in corresponding categories.
  • Language Manager: Import and manage language packs.


  • Instructions for developers on how to write ATutor core features and how to use the corresponding API are included.

The full list with aTutor features can be found at:

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