How to Use Affiliate Links Tutorial

How to link to SiteGround and track your sales

SiteGround can track affiliate sales and provide commissions only if you use a proper link that allows tracking, when recommending our services. SiteGround gives you the option to customize this link and send your visitors to a specific landing page that contains more suitable information for them, change the URL you use in a way that it is easier to remember, and track the traffic and sales performance for it.

Your default affiliate link is displayed at the top of your Affiliate Area home page.

It leads to the SiteGround home page and includes your unique affiliate tracking code, which allows us to properly track your traffic and provide you with affiliate commissions.

How to create additional custom affiliate links index?

SiteGround affiliates can create custom links that lead to pages of their choice, are shorter and easier to remember and/or are tracked separately in the affiliate statistics. Custom link creation is possible through our Link Customizer, located in the Banners tab -> My Banners & Links section.

When you create a new link you will be requested to name it (you can use a single word with up to 32 characters):

This name will be later used to display the list of your custom affiliate links.

How to create an affiliate link to a page different from the SiteGround index?

In the link customizer, choose the proper landing page for your link. You can either choose form the most popular landing pages in the drop down or write a page of your choice.

We highly recommend that our affiliates use specific pages for better conversion, whenever possible. For example, if you have a website that provides WordPress related services, it will be more effective to send your visitors to our special WordPress hosting page, instead of sending them on the SiteGround index page.

In order to create an affiliate link that is easier to remember, use the third option of our Affiliate Link Customizer that allows you to use a short link instead of the long and difficult to remember affiliate link. You can use here the name of your website, your name or something else that will be easy to remember for your customers and friends. Since this is a short link you will be able to even share it by mouth.

It should consist of 1 word of up to 32 characters. Note that when creating it, our system will check if this name is not already in use by other affiliates.

You can have up to 10 short links at a time. If you want to create more links, you should delete some of your old short links or contact our team for help.

How to track the results of your different links?

The last section of our Link Customizer allows you to add a campaign name to your link and thus be able to track its performance separately. If you do not add a campaign name, the clicks and sales coming through your new link will be counted towards the traffic and sales of your general affiliate link.

If you create the link and combine it with a unique campaign name, you will be able to track it conveniently from your Conversion Report.

After that you can go to the Conversion Report in your Affiliate Area, select from the Campaign drop-down the campaign you want to track, and click on the Go button to see its performance specifically.

Additionally, with the + - icon next to each month, you can see the results for all your campaigns on a monthly basis.

How to edit and delete your custom links?

All newly created links will be listed on the Link Customizer page under your default affiliate link. For your convenience you can edit and even delete once created links. To see the entire information about each link and to access the Edit and Delete buttons, click on the arrow on the left of the link.