How to Configure/ Review Your Payouts

Specify your Payout settings. Review your Payouts history

This tutorial covers the following topics:

From the Payouts tab you can specify your Payout address, the PayPal account where you want to receive your affiliate commission, and review your Payouts history.

Payout Address

It is important to keep your Payout information up-to-date, because it is used for processing or your affiliate commissions. Be advised that the Payout information is managed separately from the account owner's information on the My Details page.

Payout Method

Currently we offer PayPal as an official payout method for affiliate commission. In case you do not have a PayPal account, please contact our Affiliate team who will check if we could offer you an alternative payment method.

By default, SiteGround sends affiliate commissions on a weekly basis. From this page you can specify if you would like us to send your commission not every week but only when it has reached a certain minimum amount.

This report gives you information about commissions that have been already paid out to your account.

Payouts History

In the payout history you can see the following data: payout date of a commission, number of sales, and commissions amount paid. You can also view adjustments applied due to a given affiliate bonus or client cancellation. The positively marked adjustments are compensations, and the negative adjustments are results from cancellations.

Here as well you will have the option to select a custom period to view payout history.

The Commission and Adjustment amounts are clickable and will take you to the Commission report page, where you will be able to see exactly which sales are included in the particular commission payment.