How to Join the Affiliate Program

Learn how to become a SiteGround affiliate

This tutorial shows how to join the SiteGround affiliate program. It is not necessary to be a SiteGround customer in order to participate in the program. But if you are a customer, you have the option to sign up for the affiliate program from your User Area and thus be able to access them both using the same credentials.

How to Join if you are not a SiteGround Customer

To sign up for our Affiliate Program you have to go to the Affiliates Program page that is accessible from the main menu of our website.

Click on the Join Now button to get to the affiliate registration form.

You will have to provide your Contact information, Payout information and other Affiliate Profile Information that will help us assist you better after the sign up.

How to Join if You Are a SiteGround Customer

If you are already a SiteGround customer, you have the option to use the Affiliate registration form available in your User Area. By using it, your new Affiliate account will be connected with your User Area and you will be able to use the same credentials to access both.

After you login to your User Area , go to the Affiliate sign up page, which is located in the Referral Deals section, and click the Get Started Now button.

On the new page that opens, click the Sign Up Now button.

Required Affiliate Profile Information

All affiliate applicants are required to provide:

  • Valid PayPal account, on which the commissions will be paid.
  • Affiliate website(s). This information is required even if you do not plan to advertise SiteGround services on your website directly. In case you consider advertising SiteGround on more than one website, please use the option to add more websites to the sign up form and provide all the websites' URLs.
  • Payout information.
  • Information about your affiliate profile and planned advertising techniques.
Important!Providing correct and thorough information during the sign up process is crucial for your affiliate application approval and future affiliate program functioning. Usually, the application will be approved immediately, but sometimes the review process may take up to 2 business days.