Conversions Report

Monitor how successful your affiliate campaigns are

This tutorial covers the following topics:

The Conversions report tracks recorded clicks from your affiliate link(s) and shows their conversion rate.

Campaign tracking

To see campaign tracking results you need to have different campaigns with your affiliate link.

We give you the option to select a custom time period, choose if you want to see the data aggregated by month or week, and to view statistics per campaign. To see results for a specific campaign you just select it from the drop-down menu in the campaign filter.

Additionally, with the + - icon next to each month, you can see the results for all your campaigns on a monthly basis.

How to Download Your Reports

This report has a functionality to be downloadable as a .csv/.xls file. Under the report table you will see links for Download in .csv and .xls format. To get your report in your chosen format click on Download Report, select a time period in the pop-up window by specifying From – To date and initiate download.