Affiliate Commissions Report

Monitor your sales results and commissions

This tutorial covers the following topics:

The Commissions Report table shows data about your sales and earned commissions from your referrals.

Commissions Report Overview

The Commissions Report table gives you information about your sales. You can see on what date they were created what type of plan was purchased, and the campaign from which the sale has originated. If you only refer clients with your affiliate link directly without using campaigns, you will see that in the column "default". The last 2 columns show what the status of a sale is and what commission you can expect for it.

Sales Status Explained

The sales listed in this report can have one of the following statuses - pending, paid, approved or cancelled. Point with the mouse pointer at the Status of the sale to receive more info about its status.

See below full descriptions of each sale status:

    • Pending - every sale enters the table with this status and remains pending until it is reviewed by the affiliate team. The review will happen in 30 to 40 days after the initial order date, for accounts initially ordered for periods longer than a month and in 90 to 100 days for accounts initially ordered for one month period.
    • Approved - the Affiliate team has reviewed the sale and approved it for payout
    • Paid - the commission for this sale is already transferred to the affiliate
    • Cancelled - the sale was cancelled by the customer or due to terms violation before the 30 days review period is over
    • Cancelled after Paid - the sale was cancelled by the customer or due to terms violation after the commission for the sale was paid out to the affiliate

Download Report

This report also has a functionality to be downloadable as a .csv/.xls file. Under the report table you will see links for Download in .csv and .xls format. To get your report in your chosen format click on Download Report, select a time period in the pop-up window by specifying From – To date and initiate download.