How to Use Affiliate Banners & Logos

Where to find SiteGround visuals and how to use them

SiteGround has provided ready-made banners and logos that can be used by any affiliate for linking to our website.

How to get SiteGround Banners

In the Banners section of your affiliate area you will find a large collection of affiliate banners divided in several categories. In order to find the banner that suits your needs the best, you can filter the banners based on size, theme and currency of the banner. In addition to general web hosting banners from the theme category, you will be able to find also application-specific banners for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and Magento hosting.

Once you select a banner that you would like to use, click on the Get Code button next to that banner.

This button will generate a unique code for you. Copy the code and place it on your website without changing it in any way.

If you need help placing the banner on a Joomla or a WordPress website, take a look at our Joomla and WordPress tutorials on how to do that.

Use Campaigns with Banners

You can also add campaign names separately to your affiliate links by simply adding &campaign= at the end of your affiliate link and after that attach a unique campaign name chosen by you (e.g. blog_header) for every new campaign you want to create.

This is also useful when you want to add a campaign name to a banner code. In order to use campaign names with banners, first get the code of the banner you want to embed on your website as described in our Banner tutorial. Use an html editor to paste the banner code. Find the section in the code where your affiliate banner code is listed - it's right after ?afbannercode=. Immediately after the ?afbannercode= section insert &campaign= followed by the name of your campaign.

Where to Find SiteGround Logos

If you want to include a SiteGround logo on your website or promo materials, please go to the Banners tab in your Affiliate Area and clicks on the SiteGround Logos item in the right column. The logos are available in .eps and several sizes of .png suitable for dark or white background.

Note that the logos do not include your affiliate tracking code and you will have to add it yourself if you'd use them to link to our page.