Our Craftsmanship

Innovative and Empowering Technologies

Our web hosting service is built on the best available technologies combined with our unique solutions created in-house. This powerful, hands-on approach makes your sites faster, safer, and easier to manage.

High-speed Cutting-edge Platform

As a base for our highly customized hosting infrastructure we now use Google Cloud with its ultra-fast network, SSD persistent storage and 100% match of the energy consumed with renewable energy.

A software stack optimized for speed

We run on an in-house implementation of Linux Containers with Apache as a web server and Nginx as a reverse proxy. We provide custom PHP handling setup further optimized with OPCache extension. Our platform is built to provide an incredibly fast hosting service.

First to provide the latest speed technologies

We are consistently among the first hosting companies to provide their users access to the latest speed technologies. Our customers do not have to wait in order to take advantage of the newest PHP versions or the most innovative protocols like HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, OCSP Stapling and QUIC.

More speed boosting solutions

Our SuperCacher is a powerful in-house caching solution based on Nginx reverse proxy and Memcached. Free Cloudflare CDN with Railgun is included in all plans. WordPress users can boost their site speed even more with the help of our unique SG Optimizer plugin.

Latest integrations

Security-First Approach

We maintain a highly specialized security team to address web security threats, a devops team to create advanced custom security solutions, and a 24/7 system administration team to watch over our platform.

Real-time server health checks

Our unique monitoring system checks the server status every 0.5 sec and not only detects ongoing issues and fixes many of them automatically, but is also able to prevent potential problems.


Smart WAF to protect you from exploits

Our security team is watching out for emerging threats and software vulnerabilities and writes smart new firewall rules to protect our servers and sites from hacking and breaches.


AI anti-bot against malicious traffic

Our smart AI system blocks between 500,000 and 2 million brute-force attempts per day and stops malicious traffic before it reaches our customers’ sites.


24/7 system administration team

A team of highly experienced system administrators is watching over our platform 24/7, ready to take immediate actions in case any issue is detected.


Our Own Interfaces for All Management Processes

Powerful yet easy-to-use interfaces and tools are at your disposal to manage your hosting and sites. Our client-facing software was designed in-house to guarantee an outstanding user experience and efficiency of operations on our platform. All our tools follow the same style guide to ensure a unified and consistent experience whether you use our Client Area and Site Tools or have installed any of the WordPress plugins we’ve developed for our clients. To learn more about the technologies we used to build our interfaces, check out the post below.

Powerful Software Built For Our Clients

We develop unique and superior in-house solutions for your convenience.

Backup & Restore Tools

We backup the sites of our customers each day. One-click restores can be done through our friendly backup tool. Apart from our automatic backups, you can also create on-demand site copies.

Let's Encrypt Integration

We were one of the first to integrate Let's Encrypt and issue and renew automatically a free SSL for every site created on our platform. We also give users the opportunity to click and add an SSL from their control panels.

Collaboration Tools

Our interfaces have powerful user access controls so you can easily add collaborators to your projects, ship sites to clients, and give your clients whitelabel access to their site’s Site Tools.

Smart WordPress Staging

Using our staging gives you control over your development process. You can easily create a copy of your site, test your changes on staging environment, and then push them live with confidence.

WordPress Starter Plugin

Our WordPress Starter plugin helps you create a fully functional site quickly. It recommends professional-looking themes and solid plugins and automates the installation of the ones you choose.

WordPress Migrator Plugin

Our WordPress Migrator plugin automatically copies and migrates your WordPress instances while your site remains fully functional. It works for as many migrations as you wish.