SugarCRM or Vtiger?

You are probably wondering what the differences between SugarCRM and Vtiger are. That is why we have outlined basic differences to make your choice of the right CRM easier.

  • Vtiger Is Entirely Free

    Unlike SugarCRM that has a paid version, vTiger is entirely free and depends on volunteer work of the community that supports it.

  • SugarCRM Has More Advanced Functionality

    Sugar Suite is considered to have more advanced features and that is why is used by organizations from all sizes and industries. Vtiger on the other hand is adopted largely by small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Vtiger Loads Faster

    Maybe thanks to the less complicated functionality, vTiger is considered the faster application of the two.

  • Vtiger Has More Intuitive Interface

    Being extremely easy to use is perhaps one of the most important advantages of vTiger CRM. On the other hand, SugarCRM has very customizable User Interface and Workflow to compensate for that disadvantage.

  • Vtiger Upgrade Is Easier

    Although both applications are considered to have tricky upgrade process, vTiger is the easier one. No matter, which application you choose SiteGround provides affordable professional upgrade service for vTiger and SugarCRM websites hosted on our servers.

SIteGround is specialized in CRM hosting and provides high-quality professional service for both vTiger and SugarCRM. Whichever application you choose, we guarantee unmatched reliability and expert support with installation, management and upgrade of your CRM.

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