Newsletter #81 / December, 2018
SiteGround Web Hosting
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Last year was quite busy and eventful for us at SiteGround. We worked hard on multiple projects to extend the tools we offer, make it easy to build new sites and enhance the performance of existing ones, and stop millions of security threats coming your way. The best reward for all these efforts came from you – our clients. It was the incredible 98% satisfaction rate we measured in our annual client survey! Check out some of the things that helped us earn your high evaluation in the form of our highlights of the year.
WordPress Sites Became Faster
We launched an all-inclusive WordPress performance solution with the new version of our SG Optimizer plugin. Not only does it include powerful caching, but also tons of performance tweaks, which increase site speed between 20% and 500%!

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Millions of Threats Were Stopped
We blocked 160 million brute-force attacks, DDOS attacks, malicious bots and other threats per day on average. We keep an eye on your website security, so that you don’t worry or even hear about those threats.

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Building a WP Site Is Really Easy
Launching a fully-functional, feature-rich WordPress site is now easy and fast on SiteGround with our WordPress Starter plugin.

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Transfer WordPress Sites in a Click
Our new tool - the WordPress Migrator plugin, lets you transfer as many WP instances to SiteGround as you wish with just a few clicks.

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Smooth WordPress 5.0 Update
We took extra care to make sure the upgrade to Gutenberg was smooth and risk-free for all our WordPress users.

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Free Wildcard SSL Added
Protecting sensitive personal data on your main site and all its subdomains got super easy with our free Wildcard SSL.

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