Newsletter #78 / September, 2018
SiteGround Web Hosting
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Starting a WordPress Site Just Got Easier
At SiteGround, we’re committed to making WordPress sites easier to build, manage, and optimize. Part of that is making it easy for anybody to launch a new site quickly - whether it’s their first or 50th.
To make starting a site as seamless as possible, we've developed the WordPress Starter - a plugin that walks you through a curated number of themes and the most common site feature. The plugin helps you have a fully-functional WordPress site - right out of the box.
All new WordPress installations now come with the Starter plugin installed, so new customers can easily build their first site and current customers can create additional sites quickly.
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Even Bigger Cloud Accounts
We've increased the capacity of our cloud hosting accounts to 32 CPU cores and 1 TB of SSD space. One feature that makes cloud hosting so advanced is the ability to scale your resources automatically and customise your plan to meet your unique needs, so your site is ready for anything without paying enterprise prices. Have a look at our new Cloud offerings designed to fit everybody’s needs.

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The Time To First Byte
Increasing the speed of your website is one of the best ways to improve the user experience for your visitors. It also gives your SEO a boost because search engines reward fast loading sites. When troubleshooting a slow website, there are a few helpful metrics in determining the causes and solutions. One of those metrics is the TTFB, a measurement used by all site performance benchmarking tools.

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August Top Customer Care Rep
For Nikola Stoev, our August Top Customer Care of the Month, his SiteGround training is a fond memory and really made a difference in his career. What he values most is the input he got from his mentor that helped him get where he is today. This month, he had the highest number of support chats for a total of 1163! The support customers received from him was outstanding, putting him in the top spot for client ratings.

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eCommerce Webinar with Printful
Join us for a free webinar on Sept. 27th. We're co-hosting it with Printful, a custom printing and dropshipping service that fulfills and delivers online shop orders to your customers. In this webinar, you'll learn how to set up an eCommerce shop using SiteGround, WooCommerce, and Printful. You'll be able to sell different items like clothing and accessories online with custom prints on them, without dealing with production, inventory, and shipping.