Newsletter #71 / October, 2017
SiteGround Web Hosting
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Backup Restores Just Got Easier
We take great pride in our backup system, which we have built ourselves from the ground up. It brings everyone the peace of mind that all hosting accounts are safely backed up and can be restored quickly in times of need. We are happy to share that now you can make restores yourself faster and easier with our redesigned backup restore tool.
See how it works
The Backup Restore Tool remains a complimentary service in our GrowBig and GoGeek accounts. Startup accounts can benefit from it by ordering it from the User Area > Backup Services at a great price.
PHP 7.2 RC Now Available on Our Servers
We are excited to see PHP 7.2 coming next month. It is expected to bring considerable speed, security and efficiency improvement to all websites that start using it. As always, you can count on SiteGround to provide you with the hottest technologies as they emerge. We’ve already uploaded one of the PHP 7.2 release candidates on our servers. Learn how to test it safely in our blog post.
Francesca, WordPress and SiteGround
Meet Francesca - our new WordPress Community Manager. Her acquaintance with WordPress started in the usual way - with a personal blog. Before long she was already a prominent member of the Italian WordPress community. After spending years as a freelance WordPress designer, WordCamp organizer and speaker, we are happy to have her on board to continue doing what she loves.