Newsletter #68 / July, 2017
SiteGround Web Hosting
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SiteGround Epic Beach Fest
An epic event took place in June on a remote and beautiful beach. It gathered over 400 high class hosting professionals, but it was not a standard IT conference. Instead of panels, keynotes and hackathons, the activities included beach tournaments, windsurf, craft sessions and concerts. The occasion was the SiteGround annual team festival, which gathered our whole team and allowed us to to share an unforgettable weekend with fellow SiteGrounders from all over the world. To get behind the scenes of the event and feel a part of our emotions read our festival story. Smells like team spirit!
2 Secret Tips on Site Optimization
This month we blogged about two things that can affect your site performance which you might even not know about. We first discussed the crawl-delay setting that can be useful if your site loses resources to aggressive search engine bots. Our second performance tip concerned the Vary HTTP header, which many sites have. When set incorrectly, it can overrule the benefits of any caching system, so we highly recommend you check if you have it and optimize it if needed.
Top Customer Care Rep in June
As the Harry Potter magic turned 20 in June, it’s a curious coincidence that our latest Top Customer Care Rep is among its most passionate fans. Toni Madjarova loves to immerse herself in the magical books, preferably while vacationing in a sunny destination. A secret hope she still keeps is to receive her acceptance letter from Hogwarts. We are pretty sure too she can’t be a muggle as she knows how to summon all her willpower to overcome every challenge. Meet Toni!