Drive Sales After the Holidays

The guide for online shop owners that helps you keep selling well even after the holiday season is over

Drive Sales After the Holidays

About the Author

This book is created by the experts from Metrilo. Metrilo is a powerful tool for WordPress and Magento sites that gathers statistics directly from your app, has the capabilities of a CRM that uses the data for proper segmentation, and allows you to create campaigns and send automatic emails to different user groups.

Do your best in the low-traffic post-holidays period

Get this guide featuring practical tips by our partners from Metrilo who based on the work with many ecommerce sites have gathered insights and know-how to help you optimize your shop’s performance.

Easy Management Of Client Accounts

Segmentation is the key

The main lesson you will learn from this e-book is that adequate segmentation of your client base and leads is the key to success. You will understand how to use the data you gather to profile your users.

Preferred collaboration tools

Customized campaigns

Monitoring the behavior of your users and segmenting their needs gives you ideas for great new campaigns. Get ideas for campaigns to follow up holiday buyers and gift receivers, smarter ways to engage the users who abandoned their carts, and more.

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