Php Nuke Modules And Blocks

One of the first things that needs clarification is what is the difference between a module and a block. As there is no easy-to-find statement on the matter, we will provide you with a general idea based on our experience with PHP Nuke. So, imagine the blocks as the visual display and even grouping of certain module(s). The module itself controls a certain functionality such as login, survey or else. The block defines its position on the website. There are many predefined blocks and modules in the PHP Nuke admin panel and others that could be downloaded additionally.

Here is a list of the most commonly used blocks:

  • block-Whois online Block
  • block-SiteStats.php
  • block-NukeC_Random
  • block-Login
  • block-Survey
  • block-Categories
  • block-Login
  • block-Languages
  • block-Modules

Here is a list of the most commonly used modules:

  • News
  • Surveys
  • Members_List
  • Statistics
  • Downloads

For more information how to add a new module, you may follow the examples we have provided in our PHP Nuke tutorial.