PHPBB Forum Software

What is PHPBB?

PHPBB is the most famous opensource free forum software. No other bulletin board offers a greater list of features, while being that efficient. The administration panel allows customization of even the most complex features and integration into an existing site is easy, both without having to edit code. You may visit the official project website here.

Managing a Phpbb Bulletin Board

Starting a forum with PHPBB is easy! There are several things you should consider though: hosting, installation, themes and management of content.

  • PHPBB Hosting

    PHPBB has basic hosting requirements and any LAMP host could support it. Yet, you should not just go after any host, but look for a quality provider that understands the needs and the dynamics of this software. SiteGround has specialized in hosting PHPBB and we make sure our service is unmatched in terms support and security for PHPBB. Learn more about our PHPBB hosting offer.

  • PHPBB hosting by SiteGround includes:

    When hosted by SiteGround your PHPBB site is faster and more secure!

    • Free PHPBB Installation
    • PHPBB Optimized Servers
    • Expert 24/7 PHPBB Support
    • Enhanced Forum Security
    • FREE Daily Backup
    • FREE CDN Service
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  • PHPBB Installation

    If you use SiteGround hosting, we will install PHPBB for free. Or if you want to give it a try yourself, we provide you with Softaculous script installer (located in your account’s cPanel), which will auto-install it for you in just a few seconds. In case you are not a customer, you may refer to our PHPBB tutorial for step-by-step installation guidelines.

  • PHPBB Tutorial

    To help you manage your PHPBB forum, we we have prepared an all-inclusive tutorial covering the most common management how to tricks.

  • PHPBB Mods

    If you need a functionality that you cannot find by default in your PHPBB, you should consider adding a mod. We have outlined the most popular ones for your convenience in our own directory.