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Last month we closed the holiday season with some great new changes - a refreshed Customer Area, our new and easily accessible Support HelpDesk, our friendly staff profiles. This month we were busy putting the final touches to these changes and fine-tuning them to make your client experience even better. Of course, we managed to sneak in some new features and important server software updates along the way, because your hosting experience will be incomplete without them. We even hopped off to a few new conference destinations to make way for some exciting partnerships that we will announce very soon. The new business season promises great surprises, don't miss them.

Tenko Nikolov
New Extras
cpanel preview

New cPanel design for easier navigation

We not only tuned our cPanel theme into the new design, but integrated it straight into the Customer Area. The result: no need to deal with different interfaces when managing your websites, simpler navigation, easier switch between cPanel and Customer Area, better organized cPanel features for faster management and a better user experience - leaving you more time to focus on your website.

blog preview

The SiteGround Blog gets a makeover

We did not forget about the SiteGround blog -  the door to the SiteGround kitchen. Apart from the new design, we added personal profiles of each author, easier navigation between post categories and better synchronization with other social media channels - Twitter and Facebook. If you haven't subscribed to our blog yet, hurry up and do it now!

chat preview

New Chat Interface gets even more friendly

We completely changed our chat interface design as well - no more tedious questions before reaching an operator, streamlined chat topics to make sure you will reach the most suitable person, instant escalation to a supervisor so that you can always get a second opinion on your question. To make your client experience even more pleasant, we added personal profiles of all operators - with pictures, years and history of experience. We believe communication is more effective when you know whom you're talking to.

server picture

Latest software versions running on our servers

We also completed a series of updates of all software versions on our Shared and Shared Plus hosting servers. We updated the PHP versions (including the new PHP 5.4), our Apache web server, POP3 and IMAP and SMTP services and MySQL (to MySQL Percona-Server 5.5.25 for faster queries and better uptime). Other improvements include an OpenSSH and Pure-FTPd updates, with Bind and PostgreSQL updates just around the corner. Combined, the new software updates guarantee better server performance and improved security on all our shared servers.

Latest News
joomla logo

Joomla! 3.0 launch and upcoming events

This month marked big news for the Joomla! community - the new Joomla 3.0 version was released and is already a hot topic for webmasters. If you want to know more about its new features, whether you should update right away and what happens if you're running an older version, we've tested it and summed it all up for you in a helpful blog post: Read what's new in Joomla 3.0 in our blog post

And that's not all we have for the Joomla fans this month. In October, we'll have information and tickets on a few other Joomla events in the following destinations: Germany October 5-6th, Israel October 10th, Sydney October 20-21st. We're packing our bags for Joomla World Conference in November and recommend you to look forward to that one, since we believe it will be the biggest event in the Joomla community by the end of the year.

Best of SiteGround Social
our team

Another peak for the SiteGround Team

We even managed to organize a Team Building event in the midst of all this. But not your regular holiday-style team building. We climbed a peak! Literally.  All of us! Well, almost. You can see who got held back by their high heels and who reached the top in our Facebook album - we're certain that the pictures do capture the excitement and spirit of a great group weekend.

Check out our Facebook pics from the event

Read the blog post

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