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This month SiteGround celebrated its 8th Birthday. If you've been around for as long as we have, you'll know that this means ages in Internet time. The hosting industry is changing and developing overnight and it takes a lot of experience, skills and dedication to stay ahead. As a proof that we are still one of the pioneers in the industry come our recent projects, about which you will read in this newsletter. In our efforts to always go one step ahead, we've been greatly motivated and supported by our clients. That's why this month we also launched some great surprises for you. Read on to see what they are.

Tenko Nikolov
New Extras
backup restore

Unique Backup Restore tool in cPanel

We developed an easy tool for cPanel to allow you fast automatic backup restore. All SiteGround clients hosted on shared, shared plus and semi-dedicated hosting will be able to restore files, databases and e-mails themselves from the available weekly or daily backups of their accounts. The new tool is completely free and you can learn more on how to access and use it here:

Read our backup restore tutorial


SiteGround plans to expand services in Europe

We have always been keeping close track of the hosting market on a global scale. As our business grew, we came into contact with more and more international customers and partners. Naturally, we came to the point when expanding our services globally is the best way to accommodate the needs of our international clients. The first step towards this goal is already halfway through - launching a new European server location is around the corner. We will be revealing more about it very soon, so stay tuned!

Latest News
semi dedicated technology

New Advanced Semi Dedicated technology

This month we proudly launched a completely new server architecture for our Semi Dedicated hosting. Before the upgrade, the standard Semi-Dedicated configuration included 10 times more server resources than our shared platform and a load of free extra features in addition - free SSL Certificate, Premium Support and Daily backup.
With our latest upgrade, we boosted the MySQL processing power by mounting it to a state-of-the art SSD drive and added RAID 10 hard drive disk massifs for faster overall server performance. We also further increased the CPU and RAM resources, making the service several times faster than most of the competition in this hosting segment.

Try yourself the improved semi-dedicated solution for FREE for 30 days

Best of SiteGround Social
siteground party

We work, relax and party together!

SiteGround is all about the people who work here. Our every day work can be extremely challenging and even stressful sometimes. To make up for that, we treat our employees with just as much care as we do with our clients and we always try to reward those who have performed outstandingly well throughout the year. This month the SiteGround winter sport lovers with all range of proficiency had a week together in the snowy mountains, while the most hard-working employees for 2011 went crossing the Dubai dessert on a safari. You'd think they would be dead tired when they got back just by looking at their pictures. But that's not the spirit of a true SiteGrounder - right afterwards they joined the rest of the SiteGround team for our 8th Birthday grand party. We hope you enjoy our pictures just as much as we enjoyed the experience!

Check out our ski pictures

Sink into our Dubai adventure

See our 8th Birthday Party

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RK says on our blog:
"Personally celebrating my own 1-year anniversary of begrudgingly managing my ex-girlfriend's website. Thanks for making it as painless as such a thing can be!"