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Nearly entering the second quarter of this year and amid the celebration of our 9th Birthday, we have news about expanding one of our most-popular technologies, the SiteGround SuperCacher, and managed to start a new fresh talent training season. We have so much enthusiasm that you can safely say at SiteGround HQs Spring has already started.

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Making The Web Faster With SuperCacher & Google PageSpeed
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This month we introduced another major addition to one of our most special technologies, the SuperCacher. SuperCacher was already pretty famous, harvesting nearly 200 comments from fans among our clients who use it and witness amazing improvement in their website speed. Now, we added another caching option - Google PageSpeed, which speeds up your site and reduces page load time with no efforts on your side. Using Google's mod_pagespeed on your SiteGround website is now a piece of cake. What's more, our SuperCacher plugin is the first and only that fully integrates Google's mod_pagespeed with cPanel. The positive feedback was not long to follow and part of our SuperCacher interface was featured in Google Developers Blog.

Learn how to use Google PageSpeed at SiteGround

SiteGround: 9 Years Later

The month of March also marked the celebration of our 9th Birthday! Each new year is a time for reflection but this time we decided to do something different. Since SiteGround has always been about its people, we decided to give the floor to anyone who wanted to do a lightning talk on any topic near and dear to their heart. What we got in the end was nothing less than a pretty colourful portrait of what SiteGround is all about, 9 years after we started out.

Get a glimpse of our 9th Birthday celebration

Training Season
Training Season

And if our Birthday celebration shots left you thinking how great it must be to be a SiteGround employee, here comes a blog post about what it takes to join the SiteGround team in the first place. Proving that working here is a lot of fun and games, but lots of hard work, too.

Read about training season at SiteGround

Conferences & Sponsorships

But it's not just being a SiteGround employee that's awesome - so is being a SiteGround client! As you know, we have a long history of supporting various open source conferences worldwide. It was exactly on an event like this that we first personally met our client (and now a friend), Robbie. It was her first Joomla event and she only tried it out after applying for one of our Free tickets. A few months later, Robbie was already so much into the Joomla community and confident enough to share her experience publicly. When she approached us with her idea to give a talk at Joomla Day Boston last month, we were more than happy to support it. We couldn't be there to witness her great talk, but we were scooping around the social media all day - and got awesome feedback from the audience! So, if any of you have ideas about talks and conferences you want to attend and give a talk at, we will be happy to hear about it at

In the meantime, here are the dates of the conferences that we will be sponsoring in April. Some of them we will attend personally, and other we would be happy to give you a ticket to, so if interested, drop us an email on the aforementioned email address:

JoomlaCamp New York 7th April - 1 Givaway Ticket

Joomla Day New England 13th April - 1 Givaway Ticket

WordCamp Miami 5th - 7th April

Joomla Day Netherlands 21st - 22nd April

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