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In the last few months' newsletters, we focused mainly on the new additions that affect our clients directly - new features, products and improvements in our web hosting environment. What we didn't mention, however, were the improvements in our working environment, which affect us primarily, but you as well, through the quality of service you receive. At SiteGround, we are firm believers that happy employees provide better customer service. That is why we go the extra mile to provide friendly, creative and inspiring working environment. Read how we manage to do that below.

Tenko Nikolov
The Summer of SiteGround

Every summer our employees have the opportunity to go on vacation together, arranged by the company. This one made no exception and we hired a nice villa on the seaside for the whole company to visit in turns, along with their families. This is a great way to build even stronger bonds within the company - everyone is eager to spend their holiday with the same people they spend every working day with - because we are not just colleagues, we are friends. In addition to a much healthier sun tan, we return more relaxed, motivated and twice as enthusiastic about our job.

New Office - bigger, better, more inspiring than ever!

While some of the staff was on vacation, a handful of people were dedicated to preparing a new office space that would become the home of SiteGround from now on. We could hardly hold back our own excitement and curiosity, but the opening day surpassed all our expectations: 50 sq. m. ( ~540 sq. feet) working space per employee, 120 sq. m. ( ~1300 sq. feet) Game Room, 100-person conference room, to name a few. To give you a better idea of how awesome the new space is, here are some pics:

Read more about our new office in our special blog post

The result of moving into such an inspiring environment after only a week now is that everyone comes in early and leaves well after working hours - simply because they enjoy spending extra time in the Game room or around the new grounds. Taking care of our employees' well-being is critical to our clients' experience. That's why we believe that all of these extra efforts to provide comfortable and stimulating working conditions, unmatched in most companies, are reflected in our attitude to our work and the passion that we put into it. Very soon we will be revealing even more exciting news for our clients to prove this.

Happy employees provide better customer service

In support of all of the above, one of the leading providers of help desk software, Zendesk, recently published a chart of international customer satisfaction ratings, based on direct feedback of end clients. Comparing it to the countries with highest levels of employee satisfaction, you can't miss the connection between countries with happy employees and countries providing the best customer service. A happy customer support rep is way more likely to provide quality customer service. The investment in our employees' happiness is an investment in the happiness of our clients.


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