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Every spring fuels us with extra energy and enthusiasm and this April we found the best way to channel it - travelling. As you can see below, we travelled a lot lately, which resulted in landing a brand new datacenter in Europe, visiting some open software events in the meantime and planning a lot more to come up. Mark your calendars for the new season!

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The same quality hosting service - all over the map!

April 2012 marked the launch of our first server location outside the USA. Located in one of the biggest Internet centers in Europe - Amsterdam, the Netherlands - our new datacenter offers higher loading speed and better experience for website visitors coming from Europe and combines the advantages of a hosting service located closer to them with top hosting quality, guaranteed by an experienced provider such as we are. It is also a great opportunity for US clients to expand their online presence and target international website visitors on a local level much better.

But this is only the first step towards opening up other international markets. We are working hard towards adding more server destinations for your convenience and we would love to hear what you think. If you want to give us a hint what is your preferred next datacenter location worldwide, simply put your vote in our Facebook poll and help us choose our next hub:

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Taking customer service to a new level

We also introduced a number of improvements in our customer service that included development of new tools for faster servicing, hiring many new people while promoting a few inside managers along with an extensive long-term employee training on all levels. Since the beginning of this year we extended our phone customer support working time from business hours only to a full-time 24/7 operation.

Previously, the average phone support response time varied from 40 seconds to 1 minute. After the improvements, we have achieved a steady average response time under 15 seconds! Almost 90% of the phone calls are handled within this limit. As for the success rate of both the phone and live chat support - an average of 80% of the reported issues are resolved immediately, leaving only 20% to be escalated to our Help Desk ticketing system, as they require more sensitive information. As impressive as these results are, we will continue to work in the direction of setting a new customer service standard, unmatched in the industry.

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Joomla!Days Netherlands recap

We chose one of the most popular local events to meet the European hosting community personally - Joomla!Days Netherlands. Apart from having a booth on the spot with great surprises for every visitor, our CEO also held a presentation on the common issues of hosting Joomla! application on a standard shared hosting and what we have done to combat them.

Read more about the conference in our blog post

Browse our photos from the event on Facebook

Check out the presentation of our CEO on SlideShare

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