Newsletter #59 / November, 2016
SiteGround Web Hosting
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Dirty COW Linux Kernel Vulnerability Fixed
Recently, a very serious vulnerability in the Linux kernel, the so called Dirty COW, was reported. It allows attackers to gain root access to servers and take control over the whole system. We protected our customers on all types of accounts by patching the vulnerability and updating our servers without reboot and downtime for all users on our Linux Container platform. Read more details about Dirty Cow on our blog.
Curious Facts about Our Clouds
We introduced our cloud platform built on Linux containers almost 2 years ago. Since then we've attracted plenty of new cloud users, as well as witnessed an impressive upgrade activity within existing cloud customers. We recently took the time to analyze our cloud users' behavior and have some interesting findings to share.
Email Scam Warning
Some customers have reported receiving an email with subject "SiteGround Help Desk", informing them about a "Scheduled Maintenance & Upgrade", and requesting a confirmation of their username and password. Be advised that this is a scam email, so do not reply to it! We will never ask you to send those details via email.
What Really Counts
Our new local hiring campaign just started and the leitmotif this year is “What really counts”. The campaign is focused on the work attitudes, source of motivation and values in our Customer Care teams. It's also an expression of our stand against the commoditization of workforce in IT service centers. Learn more about the campaign.
Top Customer Care Rep in October
Оur top Customer Care Rep in October is Pavlin Iliev. When he started working at SiteGround earlier this year, he was the youngest addition to our growing family. Pavlin is a huge fan of strategy video games such as Rise of Nations. Besides gaming, he likes to chill out with heavy metal music. Check out his full interview.