Newsletter #47 / November, 2015
SiteGround Web Hosting
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New: HTTP/2 on SiteGround Servers
We are proud to announce our shared and cloud servers now support HTTP/2. This is the new version of the HTTP protocol, which was released earlier this year and makes possible to get improved web performance. Some of the benefits of HTTP/2 include capabilities for faster download of web pages and server scaling to serve more browsers simultaneously. Learn more about HTTP/2 in our blog.
Joomla! Vulnerability Patched
A critical vulnerability in the Joomla! core in all versions above 3.2 was found. It made possible SQL injections and serious compromising of Joomla! websites. We patched it on server level and then autoupdated our clients' Joomla! sites to the latest secure version 3.4.5. Read more about what we did to resolve it in our blog post.
JetPack XSS Security Issue Fixed
A severe vulnerability was found in JetPack, one of the most commonly used WordPress plugins. It allowed hackers to exploit the contact form feature of the plugin and execute JavaScript code as an admin of your site. We applied restrictive rules in the firewall of our servers and updated the JetPacks. Find more on the fix in our blog.