Newsletter #25 / January, 2014
SiteGround Web Hosting
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Client Satisfaction Going Through The Roof
Towards the end of 2013 we held our annual client satisfaction survey and the results came in just in time to kick-start 2014. A big Thank you for trusting us and giving SiteGround outstanding satisfaction ratings again, this time exceeding the results from the year before. Our most valuable achievement is your recognition that our hard work is positively reflected in your daily use of our services and it really does make a difference. We are pleased our dedication to delivering high quality service and our knack for innovative solutions are recognized equally by both long-term and new clients. Our goal is to continue this fulfilling and lasting relationship in 2014 and not only maintain but improve the high standard of our services, because we love what we do.
See 2013 at a Glance
It was a busy year - we traveled a lot, both to attend events and give talks to share our expertise. We did a massive redesign to carry the message of our unique approach to delivering high quality service and innovative solutions. We laid out all of this in a simple and fun infographic.
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Add Twitter & Facebook Profiles
You can now add your Twitter and Facebook profiles in your Customer Area. This helps a lot and saves time when you reach out to us on social media, since we will be able to find your Client profile right away and assist you faster.
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WordPress Cache Plugin Facelift
We improved the interface of our SuperCacher plugin for WordPress. Now it is much easier to use it, manage and disable the levels of caching that we offer, and switch on and off manual controls when you need to.
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Catch Up With Our Webinars
Last month we managed to fit in not one, but two Joomla! webinars. First our friends from OSTraining talked about Joomla management and then our Joomla! guru Daniel shared his 8 tips for a hack-proof Joomla.
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