Newsletter #38 / February, 2015
SiteGround Web Hosting
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New Customizable Highly Scalable Cloud Plans!
We are happy to announce the launch of a new cloud platform developed in-house. It now makes possible for our users to create their own cloud plans with custom specifications that can be later automatically scaled up on the fly. Read our blog post to learn which innovative technologies we have used to achieve the unique flexibility of the new platform. From now on all new cloud accounts will be activated on the new setup. Accounts on the old platform will be maintained as per their terms. However, anyone can easily move to the new service by requesting assistance via our help desk.
We Host
We are very proud to be the hosting partner for the newest huge Joomla project: that started last month. To build a robust and efficient hosting platform that has capacity to host millions of free Joomla websites was a great challenge. Find out the details on how we dealt with it.
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$50 Off LoopConf 2015 Tickets
SiteGround is the main sponsor of LoopConf 2015, a great event designed for WordPress developers and engineers. It will be held in Las Vegas starting on May 6th, and for our clients only organizers give additional $50 off per ticket. Use coupon code SITEGROUND on the event site to get the discount by February 28th.
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