Newsletter #28 / April, 2014
SiteGround Web Hosting
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Thank you for the Birthday Blast!
We want to thank all the people, who made SiteGround’s 10th birthday so special! Thanks to all customers for the years of ongoing support and the active engagement in our anniversary initiatives. We had more than 1000 people making our birthday really incredible by spreading the link to our story! Thanks to all SiteGrounders too, who again turned the celebration into a night to remember! You can see some moments from the party of the decade on our Facebook page.
Staging Version 2.0 is Here
We have released a new version of our staging tool with new features giving users more control and improving the workflow experience. A new Advanced Push button allows you to see a list of all things changed, and choose which modifications to be pushed live. Read about all enhancements in blog post and also watch a video recording of our Google hangout session explaining how to use them.
Watch the video here →
Help us Patch Vulnerabilities
You can never be too vigilant when it comes to security and multiple pairs of eyes are always better for finding problems. Adding an official policy how third party agents should report vulnerabilities motivated multiple security experts to contribute and help us make our system even more secure. We are proud to be the first hosting provider to introduce a Responsible Disclosure Policy.
Read the policy details here →
Our WP Article in Smashing!!
Smashing Magazine, one of the most trusted online sources of web design and development wisdom, featured an article with our tips to get around issues which arise when you are improving a WordPress website for speed. Our WP expert Hristo lists actions you can take to fix things that go wrong while optimizing the speed of your WordPress website.
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A Meetup With Us Should be...
We started a nice tradition with client meetups last year and we had another edition in London. It received a great turnout and the atmosphere, created by the people who joined us, was very cool. Help us organize your dreamed meetups and give your input for the format, topics, locations, and anything else that you find relevant.
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