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How to establish a SFTP connection to your website via WinSCP?

How to establish a SFTP connection to your website via WinSCP?

WinSCP (Windows Secure Copy) is an open-source SecureFTP client for Windows. It allows secure file transfers between the client’s local computer and the remote server.

The WinSCP software uses cryptographical methods, integrated into SSH to protect your login details and private information. It prevents different types of attacks like password sniffing and malicious monitoring of the sessions between your local computer and the remote server.

The software can be downloaded from the following URL.

To be able to use the software for SFTP connections you must follow the instructions in this tutorial and set up a private key in pageant.exe. The key will then be automatically used by WinSCP when connecting to your account.

Connecting to your account with WinSCP

Once ready, open the WinSCP program you installed. It will automatically open a new window named Login where you will be prompted to provide login information about the location you want to connect to. In that window fill in the following:

  • File Protocol – choose SFTP from the drop-down;
  • Host Name – the hostname of the server on which your account is located or the IP of your website. You can find your website’s hostname and IP in the Site Tools home page -> Site Information section;
  • Port number – 18765
  • User name – your username;
  • Password – your password.

When ready press Login to connect to your account.

You will be prompted to add the identity of the target server to the cache, click Yes to not see this warning in the future.

That’s it. You are now connected to your account and you can see all files and folders on it on the right side panel. On the left side panel, you can find all the files and folders on your computer.

Uploading and downloading files via SCP

If you want to use WinSCP to upload files or folders on your hosting account you just need to navigate to the desired file or folder on the left side panel, right-click on the item you want to upload, and click Upload > Upload.

It is very easy to also download data from your hosting account to your machine. Navigate to the location of the file or folder you want to download from the right side panel, right-click the desired item and select Download > Download.

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