Affiliate and Referral Programs
Why participate in the SiteGround Affiliate Program?

Why participate in the SiteGround Affiliate Program?

The SiteGround Affiliate Program offers the following advantages:

  • Unlimited earnings every month: Our program sets no limit on the number of customers you can refer per month or the commissions you can earn.
  • Payment frequency: We pay every week!
  • Withhold time: For fraud-prevention reasons, we wait 90 days to see if the sale is real and pay commission at the next payout date.
  • Minimum threshold: There is no minimum payout amount. Even if you make just one sale, we will pay you.
  • Choice of ads and links: We provide a variety of pre-made banners that will suit your web.
  • Program support: You can contact us via the contact form in your Affiliate Area and ask for help or information. We will be glad to help you.
  • The satisfaction that comes from sharing: By directing your family, friends, colleagues, and website visitors to SiteGround, you are introducing them to the most professional and affordable Web hosting service in the industry.

To sign up and start earning commissions, go to our Affiliate Program page and register.

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