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Which ports are open on SiteGround shared servers?

Which ports are open on SiteGround shared servers?

The following TCP ports are open on all SiteGround shared servers for outgoing connections:

21 – This is the default FTP port.

80 – This is the default HTTP port.

110 – This is the default POP3 port.

143 – This is the default IMAP port.

443 – This the default SSL port.

465 – This is the alternative secure SMTP port.

587 – This is a secure SMTP port.

993 – This is the IMAP port over TLS/SSL.

995 – This is the POP3 port over TLS/SSL.

2525 – This is the alternative SMTP port that our clients on shared servers can use to connect.

3306 – This is the default MySQL port.

5432 – This is the default PostgreSQL port.

30000 – This port is used by the Canada post shipping module, which is available for scripts like osCommerce and CreLoaded. The module establishes a connection to the IP

You can request us to open an outgoing port on your server for you by posting a ticket through your Client Area > Help Menu > Report Other Technical Issues. Include the destination IP for which you wish the port to be opened and the corresponding port number.

Due to the SiteGround security policy, custom incoming ports can NOT be opened per customer request on our shared servers. If you need custom incoming ports opened, consider an upgrade of your account to one of our Cloud solutions. There all the system resources will be solely reserved for your account and we can fulfill such custom port opening requests.

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