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Where can I request a script installation from?

Where can I request a script installation from?

If you wish to have a script installed for you, request the installation of custom scripts by posting a ticket to our Support Team. Follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Client Area;

2. Click on the Help Menu tab;

3. Go to Contact Us > Advanced Technical Help > Application Installation;

5. Select the installation location and the application you need;

6. In Directory for the Script Installation: you will have to enter the (sub)directory where you need your script installed. For example, if you wish your script to be accessible directly by your main domain enter “public_html”, “root” or “/”;

7. Fill in your desired administrative username and password for the script and click Submit.

IMPORTANT: The installation of many custom scripts will be provided as a paid service. The ticket submission form will require you to provide payment details in such cases. Additionally, some custom scripts might not be suitable for Shared, or even Cloud hosting solutions.

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