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Where can I find information about my server?

Where can I find information about my server?

If you are a SiteGround customer, you can find the IP address and name servers of your site in your Client Area:

  • Go to Websites;
  • Click on All Site Options against the account you need information for (if you have more than one account);
  • go to the kebab menu > Server Details.

If you have Private DNS activated you can find your DNS information in your User Area > Services > Domains > Manage (for the associated domain) > Extras.

In case you need detailed information about the PHP configuration, you can follow these steps:

  • Create a file called systeminfo.php in your public_html directory (you can use File Manager in Site Tools).
  • Put the following text in the file:
<?php phpinfo(); ?>

and save the file.

  • Access the file using your browser at http://yourdomain.com/systeminfo.php
  • Here you will find full information about the web server PHP configuration including libraries and system type and OS version.
  • Delete the file after you obtained the needed information to preserve the security integrity of your website.

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