What is Joomla Remository

The Joomla Remository extensions provide the ability to manage a file repository within your Joomla CMS.

The whole Joomla Remository software consists of the Remository component and several additional modules and plugins. The extensions can be downloaded from the Joomla Remository official website.

Note that you should first install the Joomla Remository component as all other extensions require it for their installation.

Here is a list of the functionalities provided by Joomla Remository:

  • hosting local and remote files for download by site visitors
  • file uploads by users
  • flexible users access control
  • hosting files either in the file system or the database
  • file thumbnails
  • customizable display for the files

The SiteGround Joomla hosting package is fully compatible with Joomla Remository.

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