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Weebly Sitebuilder activation and access

Weebly Sitebuilder activation and access

Weebly sitebuilder is available for free to all SiteGround customers.  You can activate it as part of your website setup process or later. Оnce activated, you can access it through your user area.

Activate Weebly while you are creating your site

Go to Client Area > Websites > New Website. Once you select the domain you wish to use for your new website, select the Start New Website option, then select Weebly Sitebuilder and click on Continue.

Activate Weebly SiteBuilder at a later stage

Go to Site Tools -> Devs -> App Installer. From the Application drop down select Weebly, pick the desired plan in the Weebly Plan dropdown and click Install.

Access Weebly Sitebuilder

Go to Client Area > Websites > kebab menu ( next to the preferred website)  >  Website Settings -> Weebly Admin.

Weebly Admin Login Button

Upgrade Weebly Sitebuilder

If you want to build an online shop with Weebly, you need to use one of its paid versions. You can check all upgrade options from your Client Area -> Websites -> kebab menu-> Website Settings, then scroll to Added Extras and then click the kebab menu under the Actions section at the bottom right of the page -> Upgrade.

More information about Weebly, how to use it and its functionalities can be found on their official website. There you may choose between a wide variety of Weebly themes, download the apps you need for your website from the App Center and refer to the Help center for answers to the most common questions related to their service.

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